Bucket List: Go Rock Climbing in Cambodia

bucket list go rock climbing in cambodia eat sweat travel

Cambodia has some of the world’s most interesting landscapes to explore. The relatively short jagged rock formations that dot Cambodia and much of the rest of Southeast Asia are not only interesting to look at, but also serve as the perfect climbing terrain for avid rock climbers.

As a couple of novice climbers, we wanted the chance to explore the rocky crags with the guidance of a professional team of climbers. As luck and funds would have it, we seized the opportunity to climb with David and his team from Climbodia, located just outside of Kampot.

Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot is a lively town in southern Cambodia located between Kep and Sihanoukville. David, a Belgium-native and the owner of Climbodia, brought his love of climbing to Kampot back in 2013. He developed a very well thought-out route that involves climbing, abseiling and caving through Cambodia’s beautiful countryside. He employs a team of energetic, funny and knowledgeable young Khmer guides to lead you through the course.


bucket list go rock climbing in cambodia eat sweat travel
Our adventure began the night before our climb, when we met David at a little restaurant on Riverside Road called Pepe and the Viking. We were given a run down of the plans for the tour the next morning. David was very thorough, reassuring and open to answering any and all of our questions. He explained that the tour was possible for any skill or fitness level.

Climbing, Abseiling & Caving

bucket list go rock climbing in cambodia eat sweat travel

The next morning we drove our motorcycle out to the climbing site, just outside of Kampot on the way to Kep. Our Khmer guides packed their backpacks full of water and our cameras and strapped us into our harnesses. After a quick safety demo regarding accurate carabineer use, we began our assent up the jagged rock. The sun was hot on our backs at times, but for the most part, the rock provided ample shade throughout the course.

We had such an amazing day exploring rural Cambodia and learning to climb with these guys. We were lucky to be a 3-person group, as we were able to navigate the course quickly and easily. The guides paused repeatedly to take pictures of us with our cameras and encouraged us by helping us find holds to climb up the walls.

bucket list go rock climbing in cambodia eat sweat travel bucket list go rock climbing in cambodia eat sweat travel

The abseiling was particularly enjoyable as well, giving our muscles a short break from the climbing.

The caving was also entertaining as we had the cave completely to ourselves, the temperature was great and it was slightly challenging. At various points throughout the cave, you must crawl through very tight spaces to continue on.

In Conclusion…

The price for the 4 -hour discovery tour is only $40 USD, which we thought was pretty reasonable. Rock climbing in Cambodia should be near the top of every thrill-seeker’s bucket list! For more information on Climbodia, click here to visit their website!

bucket list go rock climbing in cambodia eat sweat travel

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