My Story

fam2My story begins 28 years ago in Markham Ontario, roughly 30 minutes north of Toronto. I was lucky enough to be brought into this world by the most loving and caring parents I could ask for, and to be given such a smart and beautiful little sister to grow up with.

My Mum immigrated to Canada when she was 21 from Scotland, and my Dad is from Greek & Macedonian heritage, but was raised in Canada. I believe I got my love for travelling and exploring the world from my families’ bloodline. My parents were generous enough take my sister and I along on vacations to the Caribbean, many trips over to the UK, and an epic 3 week cruise around Scandinavia.

Thinking back to when I was growing up, I still have very strong memories about certain dishes my Mum would cook for my family, and watching the original “Iron Chef Japan” onchef-alex the Food Network before the channel has turned into the joke it has become. I believe these are the main factors which pushed myself to attended Niagara College to study Culinary Management. After an amazing 2 1/2 years and graduating amongst the top of my class, I decided to move out to the culinary hotspot Vancouver with a couple of my best friends. I spent the next 6 years of my life working my ass off at some of the most respected restaurants in the city, honing my craft by working along side some very talented chefs. I can’t thank them enough for helping to mould me into the Chef I am today.
Portrait, Bali, Uluwatu, Kuta, South Kuta, Cliffs, Indonesia, Travel, TravellingI decided to leave Vancouver back in October 2015, to go travelling around South East Asia and India, and was the best decision I have ever made. I was feeling very fatigued from work, and after 8 years working in the high speed environment of busy restaurants I felt I needed a break from that life. I have learned so much more about myself in the past couple years, than I have in the last 10 years. I have learned the true meaning of being happy. I now know what I want, and don’t want out of life, and most importantly – how to be even more comfortable in my own skin. I have also learned so much about food and healthy cooking through taking cooking classes, and taking notes from different culinary experiences I have enjoyed throughout my travels.


This blog is for everyone out there that is looking for tried, tested, and true advice about the wonderful world of travelling, and everything it entails.

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